Food Dice

  • Tags: Interactive
  • Date: 25 September 2017
Food Dice



This is a fictional app I created, with the goal to produce a list of recipe choices based on ingredients and spices the user already owns and is comfortable using. This app would make it easier to decide what to cook and eat. The user would simply roll the dice and the app would cross-reference ingredients previously entered and then show recipes based on them. In order to simplify the process, each roll only uses a certain number of ingredients. If the user is unhappy with the results they have the ability to reroll or modify the current results.






User Needs

User: Brad is a single guy with some food allergies. He is very active and enjoys spending time with his best friend, his dog.

Need: Help deciding what to eat, what goes well together, while not having an allergic reaction.

Insight: Because he has allergies he is limited in the ingredients he can use, and he is rather indecisive.

How can we show recipe ingredient combinations based on the food you can eat?


User: Desiree is a college student studying communications, living with 2 roommates.

Need: She lives on a budget and needs to find recipes with limited ingredients.

Insight:  Because she is a novice when it comes to food pairings, she doesn’t always know what food or spices will taste good together.

How can we create recipes based on what you already own? 





User Flow




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